Under Water
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I believe that you don't have to sacrifice your health to be successful.



It had been a long time coming for me.

Years of worry, lack of confidence and poor lifestyle choices had left me at rock bottom after rock bottom.

This was the biggest of the rock bottoms I was to experience as I spent years tumbling towards nervous exhaustion and being signed off work with stress.

It was then that I truly decided to put my health first.

I learned how to increase and balance my energy so I could thrive through my day without caffeine, sugar and self-loathing. I discovered ways to bring joy into every day and reduce my stress levels so that I had the energy and presence to enjoy those moment. I took back control of every area of my life, with my well-being at the core.

Now, as a transformational health and life coach I help leaders to do the same, so that they can turn up powerfully at work and present at home.

If you want to:

Clear your brain fog and find your clarity, focus and true productivity
Increase your energy and learn to create balance through your day
Boost your resilience so that you can thrive at work, leading with strength and courage
✔ Have that inner strength and capacity to inspire and lead your colleagues
✔ Learn to navigate the frustrations at work and in life in a way that keeps you calm and                purposeful



I help leaders become resilient, focused, clear-minded and productive by improving energy, mastering stress and creating healthy habits that become behaviours that last.

The game face is exhausting! That smile, the laughter…….. its masking the exhaustion, anxiety, self-doubt and stress.

Even after my recovery and return to work, I caught myself at the kitchen sink, scrubbing dishes with all the adrenaline my body could muster. I realised I didn’t know how to do life without feeling stressed.


Are you ready to elevate your Health & your Life?
Under Water

Why Work With Me?

When I discovered coaching, I truly began to heal. Coaching helped me bust through patterns, behaviours and beliefs I was holding on to, and to open up to the possibility of functioning in a different way. I learned to nourish my body and mind, I learned how to balance my energy, build my resilience and rebuild my confidence.


And now I have a toolbox of tips and tricks to help me do those things. Because modern life is busy and stressful. Stress will always be lurking.

It’s about deciding that enough is enough. It’s seeing yourself as your most valuable and important asset. It’s not only putting yourself on the list, it’s moving your name to pole position.  Its asset management – for you.

What you really want is to have more energy, feel more productive and focused. You want to feel focused yet calm. You want to have that clear head to make those decisions, make those connections and turn up at home with energy and presence to engage with your loved ones.

I'm now on a mission to help you get yourself out of the spiral of stress, exhaustion, self-doubt and anxiety. I coach leaders to break away from shame & guilt, creating space, accountability and support to kick-start well-being. I support you to create new habits that last, reconnect with your true self so that you are present and focused at work and at home.


I do this by helping you make subtle changes to your diet and lifestyle, addressing the root causes and triggers for your stress, breaking up those patterns of thoughts and actions that create mental stress and then supporting you to create new habits, new patterns of thought and equipping you with  toolbox of tricks to use when life throws its spanners. 


My 3 pillar system works on your energy and your resilience, supporting your professional and personal success.

It is totally possible to build new habits, new behaviours that have you turn up as the best version of you.

Let me help you do that.

Under Water


My transformational coaching techniques along with cutting edge neuro-science to rewire the brain result in three simple strategies to rejuvenate your life:



To ride the ups and downs


To regain vitality



As defined by you

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 Who Am I?

I'm an entrepreneur, a coach, a speaker, and a mum of two boys.

I worked for 10 years in the offshore wind industry, running projects and teams before running my own consultancy business. After discovering my passion for all things well-being and self-development I retrained as a Health, Life and Transformation Coach.


I'm passionate about helping my clients to reduce chronic stress & nourish

their bodies and minds in order to uncover and nurture their best selves.

I love the outdoors, raising my boys, being by the sea & a great cup of tea