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Under Water

Hi! I'm 


It's great to meet you.


I’m here to create a new wave of leadership, empowerment and success.

I believe that a radiant life of freedom and purpose is available to us all. 

And it starts with re-discovering your authentic self, aligning with your energy and building your muscles of confidence so that you can create the life you truly want. 

The striving, the game-face, the comparison and perfectionism  - its exhausting! And it makes you feel trapped, isolated and full of angst.

I see you!

I know what it's like.  To feel frustrated, exhausted, unseen and unappreciated.


The freedom comes from re-connecting with the real you, the one buried under layers of stories, beliefs, other people’s crap and expectations, compounded by the ‘shoulds’, ‘the musts’, the comparisons & the competition. It comes from dismantling the effects of difficult experiences and recoding them.

It comes from putting you and your wellbeing first, creating an intentional lifestyle that fuels the real you. I help you find your way back to you,  re-ignite the spark, re-connect you with your energy, your confidence, help you to develop your emotional intelligence, relationship skills and your own innate power.

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Under Water

How  can I help you?

I help you connect with a deep sense of self trust, eliminate misalignments and self-sabotage so that you can unapologetically show up in life and lead in your power.

Let me help you to:

✔ Get out of your head and out of your own way 
✔ Get unstuck and moving forward again
✔ Navigate challenges with ease
✔ Be present for your important relationships
✔ Lead with your energy and intentionality
✔ Lead yourself powerfully at home, in your business or work 

✔ Finish the day feeling fulfilled and connected

I love to lead powerful coaching conversations that break negative mind and body habits; beliefs and patterns. To move you into a state of alignment, balance, growth and flow. Which means you feel better, you can focus, take action and feel more confident both in yourself and in your relationships.
It’s been a journey for me. I spent 14 years working in fast paced highly pressured corporate roles, struggling with overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, and feeling like I was missing something. Even when I stopped working, the feeling was still there. I felt lost and uncomfortable in my own skin. 

I discovered coaching, I learned to lead myself powerfully, lead with my energy, I learned to trust me.


I stopped striving and pretending. 


I remembered who I was.


I decided who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. 


And I want that for you.


Since 2018 I've been guiding and supporting my clients to step into their most authentic self, tap into deep trust and start the business, get the promotion or the right job. I help them to work through challenging relationships and situations, uncover blocks, triggers and compounded stories. With the right mindset, tools, belief codes, confidence and personal power, the sky isn’t even the limit for you.

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Under Water
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