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My Success Depends on Your Success

Stress actually robs us of joy, connection, and well-being. Reducing stress allows us to reconnect to living and loved ones plus frees us to truly feel alive again! When was the last time you were able to enjoy yourself and have fun without those distracted anxious feelings of guilt or worry?


As a Health Coach, I specialize in Stress Intervention for high-achieving executives, and am passionate about breaking the stigma around men receiving the support they need to reduce stress and get healthy.


It's time to ditch the sink or swim mentality. I provide immediate tools to deal with acute stress as well as long term stress solutions. Plus well-being maintenance necessary to take back control of your health and bust out of the stress cycle in order to thrive at home and at work.

Success Stories

‘My time with Georgia has been fundamental in helping start to build my confidence again, with returning to work, after a period of absence. Georgia has helped me work on my limiting beliefs and anxiety with a series of tools and techniques that I have been able to work into my everyday and successfully draw upon managing my return to my workplace. My time with her has also helped me better understanding my approach and how to focus on the progress I make, the little steps ... bringing it back to myself and to what I need most right now. Thank you so much’

H. Heathwood

'Georgia is a phenomenal coach. She was able to quickly make me feel comfortable and open in our sessions. Her knowledge, expertise and intuition helped me uncover old patterns of thinking and replace them with new ways of operating. I always look forward to our sessions. I can't recommend her enough. She is a gift to anyone lucky enough to work with her!’


A. Matteson

‘Georgia's authentic and knowledgeable approach is a credit to her. Truly inspiring’


H. Frater, HSE & Wellbeing Manager at The Crown Estate

'Georgia has been an invaluable support to me since we started coaching.  When we started I was reeling from bad news health-wise and felt totally out of control of my life.  Over the weeks our sessions have taught me so much from finding the positive behind the negative, setting effective boundaries with people, being honest with people and learning to nourish myself.  I have learnt what is behind my anxiety and how to take responsibility for my own decisions. During our journey she has guided me as to how to tackle large daunting tasks by breaking them down and finding the fun in them.  I have achieved far more than I expected in the last 4 months and feel like a completely different and much happier and more fulfilled person.'

M. Cooper

'Georgia has a wonderful way with people.  She listens, questions and gets you to look at the world and yourself in a different way.  Georgia has a lovely manner and is someone who it is very easy to open up to – as she has such a positive, calming and non judgmental manner.  I have very much enjoyed all my sessions with Georgia and would like to thank her very much for the clarity, direction and confidence that I have gained.'

M. Powell

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