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Why are you feeling so drained?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

How much are you carrying? Is your name even on your to-do list?
Exhaustion, energy, mindset

You know you are working hard, you have back-to-back meetings and you come out of the office in a slightly ecstatic and frazzled way.

Work is busy and so is home-life so that could be part of the tiredness picture for sure.

Have you thought about all those moments when you might be stepping outside your comfort zone, feeling like there is a sting in the tail of a comment in a meeting, or leading challenging meetings? Could it be that although you are excelling in all those areas, that they actually take a lot out of you?

As a card-carrying introvert (that actually likes giving presentations....) I know that those activities can leave me feeling depleted. And I make sure I plan my time around them carefully. I make time to mentally prepare, and I make time to re-group myself.

What do you need?

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