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Corporate Coaching

Bespoke one-to-one or group coaching packages designed to provide the knowledge, tools, support and accountability to your staff. Coaching creates powerful conversations where coachees uncover their own blocks, fears, patterns of thought and belief which are holding them back. We work to not only pattern-interrupt behaviour and thought habits but create new healthy mind and body habits to promote well-being and positive mental health.

Speaking & Workshops

Inspire and educate your team with talks and workshops designed to address your business well-being goals. Let’s design a programme that works for you, choosing from topics relating to food, dieting and energy, to stress, resilience and mental-health. Let’s discuss your business needs and well-being aspirations and design a bespoke workshop programme.

Get In Touch!

Let’s arrange a time to discuss the needs of your business, I always start with a free consultation.

Speaking & Workshops



Helping businesses create healthier, more focused & productive workforces by providing well-being programmes and coaching to increase energy, build resilience, and alleviate stress. We support businesses by delivering effective & tailored wellbeing programmes.

I am passionate about helping businesses create a happy, healthy and thriving workforce. I help companies to launch from their well-being policies into proactive, tailored on-the-ground programmes.  

Stress is a major cause of sickness absence in the workplace and costs over £5 billion a year in Great Britain.  Not only does stress affect the individual by impacting their health, but it creates a ripple effect at home, in the workplace, and it corporate budgets and operations. I help your staff by providing them with information, tools, support and accountability through tailored workshop programmes, talks and corporate coaching.

You’ve got your well-being policy finalised, let me help you put it into action.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar


Empowering individuals and organisations

to elevate their health, life & success

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted our focus directly onto our own health and well-being, as well as our employees. Whether it’s our immunity, our anxiety levels or our lifestyles.

As we start to emerge from this unprecedented time, businesses will be left to pick up the pieces of the emotional and mental effects of the lockdowns; the isolation, the overwhelm, the prolonged anxiety. All while trying to get business back on track with engaged, productive and resilient teams.

Resilience is the antidote to stress.


Supporting your employees to work and build on their resilience is allows them not only to recover from stressful episodes in life but come out the other side thriving.

We are all weathering the same storm but in different boats. Every business and every person will have had a unique experience of this unusual time. Our corporate well-being programmes are bespoke and designed with your needs in mind.

What support does your organisation need?

GB Coaching provides expert solutions to elevate the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your leaders and your teams. We will support you to master stress & anxiety, build resilience and boost & balance energy. We offer a range of packages ranging from individual coaching to workplace well-being programmes.

Supporting your teams in the workplace creates benefits in:

  • Improved overall health – including increased energy, lower stress levels, balanced moods

  • workplace productivity, motivation and focus

  • Improved workplace culture and morale

  • Increased staff engagement and improved relationships

  • Reducing sickness and presenteeism

It has never been a better time to place your team’s wellbeing at the core of your business.

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