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5 Top Tips to Skyrocket Your Productivity

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

“It is action that creates motivation.” - Steve Backley

The key is taking aligned action in a calm focussed way
work place balance clarity and performance

How many tabs have you got open at the moment? yes....I know!

I was actually shocked when I learned that its not possible to multi-task. But when you really think about it, how can you take positive action on anything, if your mind is concentrating on something else? Even the ironing. The creases increase when the TV show gets interesting.

Productivity - is all about being present, being in the moment. Mindfully putting your attention, your thoughts and your energy on one thing. And the impact of doing that is huge! You will find yourself really allowing the thought processes to engage, the creativity juices flowing, the answers pouring in.

And that translates to giving you more time and energy for you, your team and your home life. Its a win win!

As a health and life coach I help my clients in 3 key areas: energy, resilience and confidence. Good balanced energy, emotional & physical resilience and steady self-confidence creates perfect grounding to build productivity habits that get you moving forward in all areas of your life. These 5 tips have worked to skyrocket my clients' productivity:

1. Slow Down to Speed Up

Did you know that it takes us 20 mins to really get into a piece of work? And that stress inhibits creative thinking? This tip might seem counter-intuitive, particularly if you are already feeling overwhelmed with work. Slowing down looks like: pausing, breathing, stepping back and giving yourself time to focus on a task. So, creating an uninterrupted slot in your diary of anywhere between 45 to 90 mins of scheduled time with a clear intention (more on that later), closing email and possibly even turning off your phone. Its amazing how quickly you'll get through the work.

2. Be Intentional

Creating focused time for specific tasks is like taking your ideas and putting them on wheels. Creating an intention for that time you have just blocked out is a booster to your success. What do you plan on achieving during that time? Who do you need to be in order for that outcome to be successful? Could that be 'focused', 'energised', 'creative' or 'open'?

3. Reduce caffeine and increase water

The staple liquids of the corporate world are actually killing your productivity and draining you of energy. To have the best of both worlds, schedule yourself a coffee break and enjoy your favourite caffeinated beverage. It is so important to savour the things we enjoy, like a good cup of coffee, rather than necking several dodgy instant coffees without noticing. Once you have savoured your coffee, switch to water, herbal tea or water infused with fruit or herbs. Staying hydrated fuels your body and brain, helps to balance your blood sugar and reduces stress levels. Another win!

4. Energy-plan your day

Ever noticed that your productivity dips at certain parts of the day? Maybe you are raring to go at 9 but by 2 you are flagging and reaching for a chocolate bar? I invite you to plan your day around those natural energy changes. Plan your most challenging tasks for your high energy times and save your admin for the slump. This idea has been a game-changer for me and my clients. Imagine giving yourself permission to manage your energy & your time!

5. Be careful with your time

So many of my clients complain of meeting overload - back to back meetings and no time for thinking or doing (or actually taking a break). Are you meeting for meeting sake? What is the purpose of the meeting? Is the meeting necessary? Are you necessary in the meeting? How can you shorten a meeting? Ever tried a stand-up meeting? That will certainly get people focused and intentional.

What will you achieve with your productivity on full steam? What possibilities open up now?

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