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Have you read ‘French children don’t throw food’?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

What habits does your family have around food?

I read it when my kids were little. It tells the story of the ‘pause’. The pause that can change your life! And not just if you have kids.

The idea is to pause before you pick up the crying baby. Pause before you respond to your kids. This teaches them that they don’t get an instant response, that we aren’t ‘on-demand’ as parents. And it starts to empower them to self-soothe or self-care.

And I think it’s a powerful tool to use in your day:

Irritating email? Pause before you respond.

Difficult discussion? Pause before you react.

The pause can simply be achieved by taking a deep breath and taking the time to exhale it. It gives you an extra few seconds to think about what you want to say or do. It might mean your response is less explosive or emotional and could avoid further friction or frustration.

The pause also allows the other person some space and time – perhaps it allows them to bring their stress or anxiety levels down. Perhaps it allows them the space and time to find their own solution, to empower them to self-solve.

Is this something you use at home or at work?

Want to improve productivity and reduce stress?

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