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It's a sunglasses day today!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Even a small shift in perception can release tension/stress in the body
Perception - what lense are you viewing your life through?

Loving the sunshine and summer feel today, and noticing how different the world can look through a new lense.

What lense are you viewing your day through?

Are you Friday Feeling it, and noticing how the whole world is FOR you?

Or are you limping over the finish line feeling like it's all just going wrong?

Having a positive mindset isn't about pretending everything is ok? It's about seeing life experiences through a lense of

'how is this for me?',

'what am I meant to be learning here?', or

'who do I want to be through this challenge?'

And teasing out the positive.

Looking after your body will have you feeling energised and strong. And looking after your mind will build your resilience so you can thrive through the ups and downs of like.

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