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Time to Tune In

Have you got a pain in your shoulders? Stomach ache? Cravings?

These 'symptoms' are messages from your body, asking you to pay attention to something. And if you don't pay attention, those messages will get louder and louder!

It's important to tune into those messages and tune into your body. What do you think your body is trying to tell you?

Is your body actually telling you it needs to change position? or it needs to move? or it doesn't like something you have just eaten.

Perhaps its telling you that something is out of balance. Sometimes when you have cravings for sugar, for example, your body is actually telling you it needs hydrating.

It's 2pm here in the UK and many of you will be teetering on the edge of a slump; feeling droopy and unmotivated.

Try standing up, stretch your arms up to the ceiling, then drink a glass of water. Check-in again in 20 minutes, is your craving still there?

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