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What is the one thing you can do to reduce your stress levels?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Before Covid (can we remember what that was like?) I had to take one of my boys to a hospital appointment. I got chatting with the doctor and when he found out I do for a living he put me on the spot. He asked me this question, “If you had to give only one tip to someone who was stressed what would it be?”

So many ideas popped into my head because I work holistically – physical, mental & emotional.

My answer was; drink more water.

Did you know that the link between hydrating yourself and stress reduction is well documented? Our bodies, our brain and organs all need water to function properly. Without it, our bodies become dehydrated, our stress hormone cortisol starts to increase. We might then start to experience symptoms of dehydration like headaches or lack of focus or fatigue which might then start to initiate stressful thoughts, which might lead to behaviours and actions that further perpetuate out stress response – like procrastination, avoidance, grumpiness or feeling unmotivated.

Keep a water bottle with you at your workspace - preferable non-plastic. Aim for 1.5 to 2 L a day of filtered water, depending on your body weight.

If you don’t like the taste – get in touch and I can send you some ideas.

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